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The Board of Directors of Operation Snowball serves as the governing body of Operation Snowball and is comprised of volunteer representatives from across Illinois.  Board members have a vested interest in Operation Snowball, prevention, and youth leadership development, and possess the dedication and skills to benefit the functioning of the overall Board.  Board members serve by representing OS Chapters by Districts (see map) as a liaison to OS Inc. by communicating and sometimes visiting a Chapter to assist in training, presentations, and resource development.

Youth Advocates are also an important part of the Board. Youth Advocates  represent the youth point-of-view, attend quarterly board meetings and also take part in committee work. Youth advocates also contribute articles for the newsletter and social media. Youth advocates are expected to demonstrate the drug and alcohol-free lifestyle of Operation Snowball. 

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YAC Complete Packet 2015

Operation Snowball Board of Directors

Mike Waxman
District 01

Yousef Matariyeh
District 02

Suzanne Hamilton
District 03

Spike Grossheusch
District 04

Ricardo Gasca
District 05

Teri Belgio
District 06

District 07

Jessica Rippel
District 8

Kay Daniel
District 9

Ron Grupe
District 10

Edward Gudas
District 11

Vivian Goodman
District 12

Patrick Ferrell
IABH Appointment         

Alissa LaRose
IABH Appointment

Laura Larson-Gibbons
IABH Appointment

Steve Mazzarella 
IABH Appointment

Isaiah Carrington 
Youth Advocate

Sean Dorsey
Youth Advocate

Andrew Pelarinos
Youth Advocate

Youth Advocate

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