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posted August 27, 2018

Snowball Adult Leader's Conference

Oct. 1, 2018   Hilton Lisle/Naperville    8:30am - 2:30pm

Registration: $40 includes lunch, conference and materials

Hosted by Operation Snowball Inc. in partnership with the Cebrin Goodman Center



Operation Snowball Inc. in partnership with the Cebrin Goodman Center invite you to attend the Adult Leader's Conference.

  • Plenary session by ‘Leading To Change’ founder Eric Rowles.
  • Breakout Sessions with topics such as youth leader training;  prevention strategies and trends; program evaluation; and more!
  •  Lunch, networking and FUN!

Who Should Attend?

  • Adults who are coordinators, adult group co-facilitators, volunteers and supporters of their ‘Snow’ program. All are invited!
  • Adults working on a DHS/SUPR grant with a Youth Advisory Committees
  • Schools with a Goodman prevention grant.
  • CGTI adult mentors implementing their CAT plan.

Why Should I Attend?

  • Ideas, resources and strategies to take back  to sustain and grow your prevention activities.
  • Learn from, and network with, your Snowball peers  from around the state.
  • Chapters asked for it, OS Inc. is bringing it! BTW: Adults need a Snowball event too, right?




Q: I understand this is an adult leader's conference. Can I bring my youth directors?  A: Not for this event. Operation Snowball is scheduling regional trainings that youth directors and youth discussion group leaders can attend in the near future. We will also have SnowballFEST! 2019 in April '19 for everyone to attend!

Q: How many adults can a Chapter bring?  A: That is up to you! The Hilton's conference area that we have reserved can hold a lot!

Q: Do those attending have to be school or agency employees?  A: No! This is open to ANY adult who is part of Snowball and/or Snowflake, so if you have volunteers who are parents, police officers, etc. that are involved in your Snowball please extend an invitation to them. We want you to come with those that will enjoy, learn, share and take back info to make your events event greater!

Q: What if I am not part of a Snowball but I'm involved in prevention with youth?  A. Come! This is a great event if you are working with youth as part of a DHS/SUPR grant's Youth Advisory Committee or you have a Goodman Prevention grant. Those interested in starting a Snowball Chapter are welcomed too!

Q:What is the difference between the paper registration and the electronic registration?  A: The electronic form allows you to register and pay online with a credit card. Some schools and agencies do not allow for electronic credit card payment so the paper form can be turned into your business office and a traditional check can be issued and mailed to our office. Please be aware that registration need to be in our office Sept. 20th at close of business 5pm. (Our mail is usually delivered by 1pm daily...just sayin').

Q: I have numerous people at my Snowball/Flake that want to do I pay for all of them in one transaction?  A: Each person should fill out a paper registration and when you have everyone set and want to make one payment, call us and we'll assist you keeping the process simple. We can assist with both electronic and paper registrations of this nature. Call Ron at 217-528-7335 X16 or email him at

Q: I see lunch is included but I have a special request, how do I let you know?  A: The registration form asks that question but we'd be happy to talk to you directly if you need reassurance that we understand your needs.


Event Closed: posted: April 20, 2018

SnowballFEST! 2018 is set for May 11, 2018

Come join us for a day of Celebrating Snowball's 'Community of Caring' with speakers, workshops awards, lunch and fun!

Last year over 100 registered for SnowballFEST! and it was awesome! This will be AWESOME-ER! (Yes, we made that word up!). 


This event is now closed.

posted: Feb. 6, 2018

CEUs added to Youth Leader Skill Building Series

Adult Sponsors of Youth Leader Groups Can Now Recieve 3.25 CEU Hours When Attending Youth Trainings

We have responded to the request that adult sponsors of OS Chapters and other youth leadership clubs recieve CEU's for attending our youth trainings. These OS Inc. trainings have been approved for 3.25 CEU hours for the following:

CEU's for 'Facilitating Peer Discussions: Drugs In Today's World' 3.25 CEU's for Counselor I or II, Preventionist I or II, CARS I or II, MISA I or II, PCGC II, CCJP II, CAAP I, CRSS II, CPRS I or II, MAATP I or II, NCRS II, CFPP II, CUSS II, ATE, LSW/LCSW

CEU's for 'Youth Facilitation Skills: Responding to Crisis Situations' Counselor II, Preventionist II, CARS II, MISA I or II, PCGC II, CCJP II, CRSS I or II, CPRS I or II, MAATP II, NCRS II, CFPP II, CVSS II, LSW/LCSW

See post below for youth training dates, locations and registration information 

posted: Jan 23, 2018

Spring 2018 Training Schedule: Youth Leader Skill Building Series


These workshop are designed with youth leaders in mind. We encourage any school/community group that utilizes youth to facilitate, present, mentor and lead their peers in creating positive change in their school and community to attend our workshops. Adult leaders should attend but we encourage bringing youth in order to maximize the leadership experience.

Training #1 - Facilitating Peer Discussions: Drugs In Today's World

Feb. 21, 2018 - Chicago, IL

Mar. 8, 2018 - Bloomington, IL

Apr. 23, 2018 - Springfield, IL

Apr. 24, 2018 - Sparta, IL


Training # 2 - Youth Facilitation Skills: Responding to Crisis Situations

Feb. 10, 2018 - Springfield, IL

Mar. 2, 2018 - Bolingbrook, IL

Mar. 3, 2018 - Bloomington, IL

Apr. 19, 2018 - Chicago, IL



  • Operation Snowball high school youth leaders/facilitators
  • Operation Snowball adult coordinators
  • Adult coordinators of any youth leadership group
  • Any high school youth prevention group
  • Community Coalitions’ Youth Committees
  • Youth Advisory Committee members
  • Agencies/Youth delivering prevention grants

View the learning objectives and presenters bios on the detailed brochure  CLICK HERE

  • $60 per person
  • Special Pricing for Operation Snowball Chapters - $40 per person
  • Price is the same for youth and adults
  • Online payment must be made when registering
  • Youth are required to have a parent electronic signature
  • All workshops will run from 10am - 2pm
  • All events include materials and lunch


Please contact the Operation Snowball Inc. office if you are having trouble with registering or have questions about the registration process.

217-528-7335 X16 or email 


Q: Is this only for Snowball youth leaders?

A: No! Any organization, high school school or coalition that utilizes youth leaders involved in prevention activities can attend. If you have youth leaders that have discussions with their peers about drugs and underage drinking and/or mental health issues such as depression and anxiety these trainings will be awesome!

Q: Is there a fee? 

A: Yes. Snowball Chapters have a reduced fee of $40 per person to attend. If you are not affiliated with a Snowball Chapter is is $60 per person. Same price for youth and adult.

Q: What's included?

A: Training from an expert in the field of ATOD and mental health (who are also former Snowball and teen institute leaders... i.e. they understand youth prevention leaders!). Materials and lunch are included.

Q: Is this going to be fun for my youth leaders?

A: Yes! The event will have moments of of facts, figures and debunking myths so everyone has current accurate information about the topic with time devoted to interactive activities to learn how to facilitate discussions about these important topics. We want to increase knowledge of facts and communication strategies in a fun, safe learning environment.

Q: Is transportation provided?

A: No, all participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation and associated fees when applicable i.e. train fares, parking, etc. 

Q: If I'm an adult can i attend without youth? 

A: Yes, you will have some information that you can take back however the training is designed for youth to increase their knowledge, learn new strategies and have some fun practicing through interactive activities. It is recommended that adults bring a group of youth to maximize the leadership experience.

posted: Nov 27, 2017 (event is closed)

Dec. 12, 2017 Youth Leaders Skill Building Workshop: Facilitating Peer Discussions About Drugs In Today's World 

December 12, 2017

10am - 2pm

Chicago, IL 

Lunch will be provided

See FAQ below for registration costs


Youth Leaders (and adult leaders) involved in prevention are invited to attend this training that will increase youth leaders knowledge about marijuana and other drugs with current accurate information about how these drugs affect youth's health and success. Youth leaders will also learn facilitation strategies and activities in increase their effectiveness in formal and informal settings when discussing the topic of marijuana and other drugs with their peers. 

Workshop presented by J. Randall (Randy) Webber. Randy has been an expert in the field of addictions for decades. He holds a Master's degree in Public Health. Early in his career he was involved in  Operation Snowball and the CGTI (then called ITI). He is the principal at JRW Behavioral Health Services. He is a well known expert in the field of addictions and a sought after presenter and trainer.

Questions: Call 217-528-7335 X16

Training Objectives:  

  • Youth leaders will increase their knowledge about marijuana and other drugs with current accurate information and how these drugs affect youth’s health and success
  • Youth leaders will learn facilitation strategies and activities to increase their effectiveness in formal and informal settings when  discussing drugs with their peers
  • Youth leader sponsors (adults) will increase their knowledge of today’s drug issues
  • Youth leader sponsors (adults) will increase their capacity to lead training components with strategies and activities that address a teen leader’s skills to appropriately facilitate  discussions/activities about illicit drugs

Registration Deadline is Dec. 8, 2017

Onliine payment must be made when registering

Youth are required to have a parent electronic signature

Please contact the Operation Snowball Inc. office if you are having trouble with registering or have questions about the registration process. 217-528-7335 X16 or email 

posted: Oct 6, 2017 (event has closed)

Celebrate Operation Snowball at Portillo's Hot Dogs on Oct. 24, 2017 and Raise Funds for OS Inc. 

The Board of Director of Operation Snowball Inc. wants you to celebrate Snowball during Red Ribbon Week by coming out to Portillo's on Tuesday October 24th. Two locations, Schaumburg and Naperville Portillo's, will donate 20% of the dinnertime sales to Operation Snowball Inc. (see details and flyer below). So put on your favorite Snowball/Snowflake shirt, gather some friends and family and celebrate prevention and Operation Snowball! Don't forget a warm fuzzy!

posted: Sept. 25, 2017

Looking for New Discussion Group Activities? 

The next time you are searching for new discussion group activities for your Snowball and Snowflake try a google search by topic instead of the cliche 'Team Building' or 'Group Games'. Here is a great toolkit of activities based on 'Empathy'. The website also offers this toolkit in Spanish. You will find that this collection of activities can easily be adapted for the Snowball and Snowflake discussion groups.

Make finding new discussion group activities/conversation starters a challenge for your youth leaders. This is great 'outside-of-the-box' skill development. Assign leaders a topic to search and then in your next meeting review, discuss and plan on how to train others on these new finds! Search topics such as 'activities that teach' : empathy, conflict resolution, consensus building, healthy relationships, citizenship, volunteerism, drug prevention, and career planning. You'll be amazed at the number of activities and Youtube videos that result in your search!

We would love to hear from you about resources you've discovered so we can pass them along to other Snowball Chapters looking to enhance their facilitator trainings and event's discussion groups! 

posted: Sept. 22, 2017

OS Inc. Wins the Mike William's Logo Contest for August. Receives $1000 Donation!

  The Springfield-based company: Mike Williams Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning,  holds a monthly logo contest for non-profits. The most 'vote-getters' receives a $1000 donation. Thanks to all of our Snowball Chapters and friends of Snowball we were the winner for August. The added bonus is that this donation will be matched (2x) by the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundations! 

We'd like to express our gratitude to Mike Williams Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning! They exemplifly 'community support' as they hold this fun contest monthly for non-profits throughout central Illinois. They not only help with a donation but their contest increases awareness about OS Inc. and other non-profits that serve the community. 

Make sure to visit our facebook page  and twitter feed to give a thumbs up to our posts thanking Mike Williams for their generousity and community support.

(event has closed)OS Adult Training Event: "Marijuana and Illinois: Pot's Impact on the Land of Lincoln"

Presented by Tony Coder of Smart Approaches To Marijuana

Sept. 5, 2017

 Attention Snowball adult leaders!  Gain information and insight to prepare your youth leaders and inform Snowball participants about the multi-faceted issues concerning marijuana today. This is a hot topic training led by the national organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). Don't miss this opportunity! This Illinois Association of Behavioral Health training is sponsored by Operation Snowball Inc. with a reduced price for Operation Snowball Chapter adult leaders. 

Sept. 5, 2017

9am - 4pm

Marriott Chicago/Naperville Hotel

Naperville, IL

Cost: Snowball Chapters $50.00 pp/ Non-Members: $75.00 pp
Lunch will be on your own

Advanced registration and payment required: Click here to register 

This training is an opportunity to understand the reality of states who have already legalized,  the likelihood of legalization initiatives in Illinois and create a strategy to protect public health and safety with partners. In 2017, marijuana legalization has been beaten in every state where a commercialization bill has been introduced and partners concerned with public health and safety have been the forces that are leading the way. Illinois could follow that model to protect children and the vulnerable and not allow the  marketing practices of the next “Big Tobacco.”

This event is held in advance of the IABH Annual Conference which has a separate fee , for more information about the IABH Annual Conference being held on Sept. 6-8, 2017 Click here

Posted July 7, 2017: (event has ended)

Summer of '17 Fundraising campaign from July 7 to July 21

The volunteer Operation Snowball Board of Directors is kicking off the Operation Snowball Summer of '17 fundraising campaign from July 7th - July 21st. As our new fiscal year began on July 1 we reflected on our successes in the past year, but also acknowledged the reality of financial stressors created by state budgets and shrinking funding sources.  In order to meet our mission of Operation Snowball we rely on the support of Illinois state prevention grants as well donations from foundations and dedicated individuals like you. Your donation is met by a generous match by the Lillian and Larry Goodman Foundations. Your donation is tripled... $25 becomes $75... $50 becomes $150... and so on! Thank you for your support! 

Click here to donate 

Posted June 22, 2017: 

A Big Round of Applause to Our International OS Chapters

The OS Chapters in Lithuania take pride that all of their 35 Chapters of Snowball follow the standards and guidelines using the OS Manual. Making sure all leaders utilize this manual is very important to them in preserving the mission of Snowball throughout Lithuania so the manual was translated into the Lithuanian language!  Click here to take a look at the manual. Although in a different language, it is fun to look at the songs and activity section on pages 43 - 46 as you will recognize 'Boom Chicka Boom', 'Snowball Monkeys', 'Singing in the Rain' and other Snowball songs!

Posted June 14, 2017: (event has ended)

SnowballFEST! A great success!

Operation Snowball Inc. held its last training event of FY17 on June 7th in Bolingbrook IL. SnowballFEST! was attended by 15 Chapter’s youth and adult leaders, the furthest coming from Springfield and Streator. The 94 guests participated in a team building presentation by M and P Presentations LLC which utilized live Twitter and Instagram group challenges (search #Snowfest17 to see the posts!). Steve Mazzarella, OS Board member and volunteer for Naperville’s Chapter, presented on leadership values and self-worth. This high energy day included OS Awards at lunchtime honoring outstanding youth, adults and chapters and a special surprise of a live Skype call from Lithuania by Darius Zingsnietis who coordinates the 35 Chapters of Snowball that operate there. A great day of skill-building, motivation, networking and celebration.

Posted May 24, 2017:

SNOWBALLFEST! June 7, 2017

Registration has closed for this event. Walk-In Registrations will NOT be Allowed on the day of event. 




Registration fee: $10
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